The boy who never grew up

Originally published in the January 22, 2022 issue of Boomers & Beyond By Terry Carroll In late November, Frank McClarty, as slim and pale as his childhood siblings, arrived in a dream to solve some problem that didn’t exist in daylight. In sleep-land, he appeared as a young adult. In real life, he never had […]

Book your next adventure at the local mall

By Terry Carroll Late on a grey Saturday in early November of the second year of COVID, my lovely wife Nancy and I decided on a weekend adventure before we settled in for another streaming movie. Masked, we undertook the five-minute drive to Elgin Centre where we trudged the mall from food court to drugstore […]

Mowing down the climate change problem

Published in October, 2021 Boomers & Beyond By Terry Carroll“Why rich Canadians are all-in for the Liberals this time” blared a headline in the National Post nine days before the federal election in September. In part, the story said, “Among Canadians earning more than $200,000 a year, the single issue most likely to drive them […]

Everything happens for a reason? Maybe

By Terry Carroll On August 8 at 4:30 p.m., while helping my daughter and son-in-law move furniture into to a new house, I fell off a trailer onto a concrete curb and fractured a couple of ribs in my lower back.Anyone who’s ever had this knows what it’s like.Those tiny seconds changed the plans my […]

Rallying cry for Boomers

Published in September, 2021 Boomers & Beyond By Terry Carroll Please lock me awayAnd don’t allow the dayHere inside where I hideWith my lonelinessSo begins a song that became a Top Ten hit for Peter and Gordon in 1964. On YouTube, you can catch a video of the P&G duo with mop-top hair, matching garb […]